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The story of  the firm

IP by Olivier Nicolle

Over 30 years
of experience

The prism of the IPON GLOBAL firm is the result of a lifetime dedicated to Industrial Property. Patent Engineer since 1985, Olivier Nicolle has practiced liberal in renowned Parisian industrial property firms such as Brevatome (1985-1986), Netter (partner 1986-2001), BDSA (2001-2013), and Santarelli (2003- 2006). He then became responsible of the patent department of Alcatel-Lucent in Paris. It's this last experience in particular that enabled him to build up a real network of international experts.

Espace de travail moderne
Image de israel palacio
Image de israel palacio

A solid network of partners

The IPON GLOBAL firm has made the choice for several years to establish an informal partnership with several professionals in the sector in order to offer a diversified range of services. Among these professionals are law firms, companies specializing in the translation and legalization of documents, in brand strategy as well as in product conception, design and prototyping.

A strong international presence

IPON GLOBAL also benefits from a large-scale international network with more than 60 foreign partners spread across Europe, Canada, Australia, the United States, Russia, Asia, North Africa and in the Middle-East.

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Travail en équipe

Personalized attention

It is with the objective of being able to provide clients of all sizes with personalized attention and a strategic overview adapted to each of their issues that Olivier Nicolle has founded his own firm.


Thanks to its complementarity, the IPON GLOBAL team is  required to work together on each client file. This allows the firm to analyze and respond to client issues while capitalizing on both legal and technical expertise.


In addition, our operation is based on the principles of independence and autonomy, with no possibility of conflict of interest.

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